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Introducing the Palo Alto Networks Venture Fund

We’re proud to announce the formation of the Palo Alto Networks® Venture Fund. The fund will provide the capital and tools to fuel the growth of seed-, early- and growth-stage security companies focused on developing innovative cloud-delivered capabilities for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework.

The fund will collaborate with Greylock Partners and Sequoia Ventures to identify and evaluate innovative security applications for potential strategic co-investment.

Together, we seek to help entrepreneurs and developers rapidly develop and deliver compelling value to our tens of thousands of customers.

Who we fund

The Palo Alto Networks Venture Fund is designed to catalyze growth for seed-, early- and growth-stage companies at a critical point in their development. Ideal investments will provide novel security capabilities that leverage the framework’s suite of cloud APIs, services, compute and native access to customer-specific data stores.

Unleashing Entrepreneurship

From experience, we know young technology companies require funding and guidance to fuel growth. The fund will help us apply our deep security expertise, history of disruption, and over a decade of experience to identify and assist the next generation of cybersecurity leaders. Teaming with Greylock Partners and Sequoia Capital further enables entrepreneurs to unlock additional funding, mentorship and visibility within a competitive funding market.

Benefits of Developing for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework

Security vendors can focus on developing high-value security functionality, instead of developing the infrastructure and data stores necessary to effectively deliver their applications and establish a foothold in the market. The Palo Alto Networks Venture Fund and Application Framework will help companies craft innovative technology that solves the most important security use cases facing the market today, providing them with

Seamless customer adoption

Access to an install-base of nearly 45,000 Palo Alto Networks customers without having to develop, sell and deploy hardware in customer networks.

Data access

Leverage our massive customer-specific data store to tune your machine learning, threat intelligence or other application logic to provide unique value to a security-focused customer set.

Speed to market

Take advantage of a unique cloud-delivered consumption model and native access to the customer-specific data store to accelerate the delivery of innovations to the market.


How to Submit to Palo Alto Networks Venture Fund

To be considered, organizations should submit a one-page executive summary for review via the below form:


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